Monday, July 10, 2017

Hits & Misses (July 2-8, 2017)

I took an extended break from almost all of my blogging to reflect and consider a few things. Now I'm looking forward to writing again. So here's a look back at the week that was.....

  • This week seems to be all about good dining experiences. On Sunday, I introduced my parents to the yummy sandwiches at Firehouse Subs. Mom had avoided trying the chain because she assumed "Firehouse" was synonymous with "hot and spicy." Fortunately, both of them were very pleased with their sub....and they even sent me back later in the week for a repeat performance! The night before, I enjoyed a Geriatric adventure at Benihana's. It was a good chance to sit together and talk in a different environment -- and an easy way to get the patients out of the ward. We repeated the process the following Saturday evening and enjoyed eating at Houston's. I could get used to this very quickly!
  • The 4th of July was a relaxed family day in Crawfordsville. It was nice to not have extra bodies to entertain and just be able to spend time with the family. I personally needed it since the next day would be the day of the first of the cataract surgeries.
  • Mom's cataract surgery went very smoothly and we got good reports all around. There is still another follow-up appointment, but this one is basically done. Mom has not had a lot of pain -- except for the afternoon of the surgery when she refused to take the Tylenol for pain -- and is feeling better with each passing day. I am certainly thankful for a smooth surgery and healing.
  • After a long summer with lots of challenges, it is nice to be inspired once again. I'm actually interested in doing things and have confidence that my body and mind are up for the task. 
  • I've had my fill of doctor's offices for the summer. I've been the patient and I've been the caregiver. While seeing the doctor has been annoying, it's necessary. Waiting rooms, on the other hand, are a special level of Dante's Inferno! I think the strangest people -- along with the rudest people -- find their way to the cramped, poorly designed spaces just to make an already awkward situation worse. While waiting for Mom's cataract procedure to be completed, I learned more about the intimate lives of two sisters who never learned the value of using an "inside voice." Yikes!
  • Eye drops are a special kind of inconvenience for geriatric patients. As we prepared for Mom's surgery, everyone told us that the procedure wasn't too bad; the worst part of the event would be trying to manage all of the eye drops! I thought they were joking.....only to find out that it was true! The meds burn and you have to do them four times a day. I'm glad Dad took the lead on handling the eye drops and that Mom was really patient.
  • Some people can just be pushy. They are a real turn off and quite annoying.
  • With hand injuries and some rough bouts of allergies, this has been the summer of steroids. I hate them! They are bitter. They make me nauseous. They pack on the pounds in ways that are not flattering and increase my appetite. I'm going to have to go on a diet because of the medication or buy a new wardrobe. (The second option is not entirely a joke either!) Ugh....just ugh!

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