Monday, May 22, 2017

Hits and Misses (May 15-21)

Here's a look back at the week that was.....

  • Mom got a good report from the doctor early this week. It seems that the medication change was exactly what was needed to settle things down. She's still weaker than we would like and some additional issues have arisen, but we really think we're on the right track. At least it's a good report!
  • Perhaps the best part of the beginning of my summer vacation has been all of the home cooking! In typical fashion, Mom has pulled out most of my favorite recipes this week and I'm enjoying the comfort foods of home. I sometimes forget just how much I have missed them.
  • Much of the stress of my week had become evident to my friends near and far. That was when I received encouragement from multiple sources via email and phone. It's nice to know that I am cared for when I hit a low point. The words were simple and unobtrusive....but their messages were clear. They got me over a rather rough patch.
  • This week's misses all center around medical issues and doctor's visits. After Mom got her positive report, it was time for me to face my fears and meet with an orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday. As the last semester began to wind down, I began to experience numbness in the fingers of my right hand. It was not total numbness, but every pianist knows that this is a huge warning that something is wrong. Since the symptoms came on suddenly and during an extremely stressful season as Mom was racing to the emergency room on an almost daily basis, I convinced myself that the issue was a combination of physical and emotional problems. (Truthfully, I still haven't ruled this out.) My visit with the orthopedic surgeon confirmed my diagnosis of the early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome. I hope to share more about this entire experience in a post later this week, but I'll give the general overview for now. I am in the closing days of a steroid regiment that has made me quite ill for the past few days, but seems to be making a positive effect on my hands. Next week, I will visit a local chiropractor who specializes in the disorder and will continue to give my hands a break for the next few weeks. The doctor and I will re-evaluate the condition of my hands in mid-June to make a decision about the next step if necessary.
  • While I was dealing with my personal crisis, Mom and Dad received a call from their family doctor that he needed to see them in his office to discuss findings of Pop's recent lab work. That's never a call that gives you good feelings. There were some problematic results to the tests that are inconclusive at this time. Dad will be following up with several doctors in the coming weeks to figure out what's going on. Just when one Geriatric gets back on her's a never ending process, it seems.
  • Then on Friday, I got the horrifying news from Plainview that my 5-year-old friend, Hannah, would be undergoing emergency surgery on Saturday morning to remove a brain tumor. We began praying for her intensely and kept our prayer communities informed throughout the day. Hannah came through the surgery itself and is currently recovering in PICU in Lubbock. Now her parents and family face the stress of waiting for pathology reports, caring for a sick little girl, and preparing for the potentially long road ahead. Without a doubt, your prayers are coveted and desperately needed for this precious child. Yet we continue to trust her health and healing to the miracle-working Healer we serve.

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