Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Best Idea

What has been the best idea I have ever had?  That's a tough question for me to answer.....I've had plenty of ideas that were good ideas at the moment.  Lots of my ideas resulted in funny situations.  For instance, I had the great idea to drive non-stop from Los Angeles to home with two fraternity brothers to drop off a rental car and pick up the new car my parents had bought for me.  Problem?  We all had to be back in LA by Monday morning for work and didn't begin this round-trip insanity until 2pm on Friday.  Probably one of my favorite memories from college, but definitely not my brightest idea.

I had the great idea of buying a baby grand piano while doing my graduate work.  I figured out that my bed could fit in the little space next to the closet so I would have room for the instrument.  Didn't think that one through though.  Getting out of bed every morning was interesting......and often painful.  It was difficult to hop over the foot of the bed at 6am without hitting my shin......or anything else!  Not a pleasant memory, but the sound was wonderful!  Sadly, I had to finally admit that I had to give up the baby grand for a more sensible console.

There were lots of other great ideas.  Rushing a fraternity after being rejected two times -- and the last time was just a week earlier -- shows that I'm a glutton for punishment.  (I wouldn't change it for the world, but really......sometimes I need to learn to take a hint!)  Playing flag football in the park? Sports and I do not mix.  That was proven when I ended up on crutches for the next 6 weeks of the semester.  I could go on and on here.......driving home from Los Angeles for Thanksgiving break with a friend (left on Wednesday and back on Saturday.......stupid drives were a trend for me in college.......), leaving my car parked in a Malibu parking lot for a month until it finally got towed (What can I say?  I was busy everyday for the whole month!), and taking a fateful trip to Hawaii that went from good to bad to funny and then back to a blast (Tiff, I will always remember seeing lobsters in the mountains behind your house and our whale watching excursion)!

You probably don't see the common denominator, but I certainly do.  The best idea I have made over and over is to invest in relationships with people.  I have learned how important it is to treasure those relationships that keep you grounded, joyful, and honest while letting those relationships go that bring you despair, frustration, and trouble.  Friends near and far, though we may not talk as often as we should and don't see each other as often as we would like -- even if it has been years -- know that you are still treasured, valued, and have a special place in my heart always.  You are truly the best decision I ever made!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Longer Weekends

How I wish I had the power to make a case to someone in authority to make weekends longer.  I would be willing to have longer days for four days just to get to begin my weekend on Friday at noon.  Am I alone it this?  It seems as though there are too many things that must get done on the weekends because there is no time to do them during the work week.  Those personal things that simply can't be avoided:  going to the market, cleaning the house, returning personal phone calls.  So who's with me?  Let's work Monday - Thursday 8am - 6pm and enjoy a longer weekend.

A guy can wish anyway.........

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Body art......inking.......a stupid them what you like, tattoos are a part of our society.  I have often wondered if I would ever consider getting a tattoo or not.  My conservative mind screams NO!  I must admit that I have a few friends who have very classy tattoos that I admire and consider a thing of beauty.
TattooIt is important to understand that tattoos are no longer a sign of a specific lifestyle.  They can be found on men and women, wealthy and poor, educated and ignorant.  Some of the individuals in my life with tattoos are men of great loyalty and kindness who I trust implicitly.  On the other hand, there are people whose skin is completely unmarred and are as immoral and deceitful as Satan himself!
Let's see if I can clarify my view on tattoos.  Do I think having a tattoo is a sin?  No, I don't.  I think it is important for the Christian to clearly think about the image he is having placed on his body, insuring that there is nothing unbecoming to a Child of God implied by the image.
Personally, I hold to the mantra "less is more."  Whether decorating a home or your body, it is necessary to have blank space surrounding your art in order to truly highlight the beauty of the design.  I find that a single tattoo is much more beautiful than the arm that is so heavily tattooed that you cannot clearly determine where one image ends and another begins.  Additionally, I think it is important to think about your future life as you choose where to place a tattoo.  Concealing body art does not necessarily imply that you are ashamed of it;  rather, it shows your maturity in understanding that it might inhibit your success in certain business and social settings.  (Once again....just my opinion....definitely not law).
Would I ever have a tattoo?  Probably not.  I'm too big of a whimp to allow someone to come at me with a needle of any size.  Doctors have to threaten me with extreme sickness to get me to take an injection.  Show me a syringe and you will generally find me lying on the floor after I have fainted fast away!  I can only imagine my physical response to the sound of a tattoo machine that is going to repeatedly puncture my skin.   I don't think so!