Monday, May 15, 2017

Hits and Misses (May 8-14)

Here's a look back at the week that was....  

  • Now that I'm back in Arkansas, I've enjoyed some rest. Since arriving home, I think I've made 2 major trips off of the couch. It's not laziness as much as it is realizing that my mind, body, and spirit desperately needed some down time. So I took it....and will continue to do so a little while longer.
  • With the extended rest, I've been doing quite a bit of television watching...and I've gotten Mom involved in a few of my viewing habits. I've been catching up on Chicago Justice and returned to my obsession with White Collar. The new find of the summer has been NBC's hit This is Us. How did I miss out on this incredible show? I'm laughing through tears in almost every episode. It's therapeutic! So I didn't feel like a complete couch potato, I made sure that I included some culture in my television watching. The Met's 2017 production of Romeo et Juliette was amazing -- well sung and beautifully staged. 
  • It was good to celebrate Mother's Day with Mom again this year. Was it perfect? No. But getting to spend another day honoring her was good. I'll just continue to enjoy the days with her this summer and not focus on a single day.
  • Crawfordsville is in the middle of nowhere. That means we have spotty cell phone coverage. My AT&T is normally pretty stable, but Mom's heart monitor uses Sprint as its service provider. I've spent lots of time sitting on the front porch attempting to access another bar of coverage in order to transmit data from the monitor to the home office. It's been annoying.....with lots of beeping in the wee small hours of the morning when the rest of the world is fast asleep.
  • There has been no practicing happening this week. Some of this has been due to my need to rest. Much of it has been attributed to issues beyond my control that I couldn't ignore.  It's frustrating when I want to play but can't....or shouldn't. Here's hoping that things turn around soon so I can get back to making music for my own sanity.
  • Nothing is worse than realizing that you mind is far too full and you can't shut down. I've spent a few sleepless nights this week thinking about the future as well as the present -- the good and the bad -- and trying to make some decisions. Some issues bring fear. Others breed dread. Thankfully, most bring determination and direction.

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