Thursday, September 13, 2012

Family Meals

Sundays are always one of the highlights of my week. Before you decide to ignore today's blog because you don't want to read about how much I enjoy going to church, think again! While it's true that I am a Christian, the highlight of my Sunday comes after the morning service. It's the time I get to spend with my family sitting around a table laughing, talking, and enjoying each other.

The weekends are always full of work for me. Sundays are an "on" day for me as this is when the majority of my responsibilities with the church are fulfilled. When the morning service is over, I know that I normally get to enjoy the rest of my day. Without fail, my parents and siblings make every effort to leave the church as soon as we can so we can get to the restaurant table sooner. That's actually the reason why we now select restaurants for Sunday lunches a month at a time. We were wasting too much valuable time trying to make decisions about lunch plans that we would rather spend relaxing together.

What do we talk about? No topic is too heavy or too frivolous for discussion. We may share about the joy or dread of returning to work, a funny thing that happened this week, or share our hopes and fears. It's always a lively conversation.....anytime you have 8 or 10 of us participating in a single conversation (with the occasional off-shooting dialogue), it's certainly going to be a hoot!

Lots of time is devoted to laughing at with each other. More often than not, my mother is the one that we are all laughing at. She's often naive, but there's also a very sharp wit that makes an appearance from time to time. That's when the laughter starts rolling and quickly transforms into a cackle.

As this week is finally drawing to a close and most some of the responsibilities on my overloaded plate are nearing completion, I'm looking forward to taking some time for myself this weekend and then treasuring my Sunday lunch with those that I love the most.

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